David Salas

Data Analyst and Physicist

Data Management

Data harvesting, cleaning and reshaping. Development of automated workflows.

Data Mining

Data exploration, application of statistical methods, reproducible data analysis.


Creation of static and interactive dataviz and dashboards.

Machine Learning

Supervised: Classification and Regression. Unsupervised: Clustering and PCA. Reinforcemet: Markov process.

About Me

Hi! I’m David from Zaragoza (Spain). I’m a physics graduate passionate about data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I consider myself an analytical and solution-oriented person and I have always enjoyed inspecting how mathematics and statistics impact our decision-making and at the same time, how these decisions impact on the society.

On this website you can see some projects I’ve been working on. While some of these tasks are based on courses that I’ve been attending for the past few months, others are projects devised on my own.

If you wish to contact me, you can fill out a web contact form, by mail or on my social network too.