Welcome to my website. ?

Hi! I’m David from Zaragoza (Spain). I’m Physics graduate passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I consider myself an analytical and solution-oriented person and I have always enjoyed inspecting how mathematics and statistics impact our decision-making and how these decisions, at the same time, impact on the society.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms will help us to improve as a human species. I’m sure these techniques will expand our horizons and we have the opportunity to learn and contribute knowledge to this exiting field. If you share my curiosity and interest you are in the right place.

On this website you can see some projects I’ve been working on. While some of these tasks are based on courses that I’ve been attending for the past few months, others are projects devised on my own.

Here you can find different topics such as image recognition to determine and classify lung diseases, creating models for the Human Resources department, flaw detection in steelmaking process, or you can also see how to create a model to save energy on a server. This site will be updated as new projects show up.

If you wish to contact me, you can fill out a web contact form, by mail or on my social network too.

See you! ?